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What Is Domainia™?

The Internet is Changing Forever!

DOMAINIA™ is revolutionizing the Internet market through industry classification.

Since its inception in 1990, the Internet has far surpassed the expectation of the global economy by creating one of the most extensive research engines and active consumer markets in our history. Today, more then 2.3 billion people use the Internet worldwide, up from just 146 million in 1998, and with such dramatic demand increases, the Internet must begin to evolve in order to better service consumers, businesses, and governments.

In mid 2011, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requested that Internet industry leaders, entrepreneurs and technology revolutionaries begin to suggest solutions to handle the growing market concerns related to Internet naming and availability, search engine confusion, and overcrowding. Through this process, DOMAINIA™ was born.

Within the next year, ICANN will introduce hundreds of new Top Level Domains (TLD) to the Internet and DOMAINIA™ will act as your connection to the new Internet age. TLD represents the final extension of a web address. Familiar examples of this currently include: .ORG, .EDU, .COM, .NET etc. With DOMAINIA™, you will have the option of distinguishing your business by choosing a TLD that is industry specific.


Let DOMAINIA™ help you move towards a more personalized cyber marketplace allowing your business to differentiate itself online through industry specific classification. Similar to the concept of the Yellow Pages, DOMAINIA™ will assist the Internet in dividing sites by category.

While the importance of this change may seem abstract to you, the benefits are actually considerable. Over 250,000 new domains are registered daily, which has resulted in overcrowding and a general lack of naming availability. DOMAINIA™ will not only open the door for increased registrations, it will also allow consumers to easily locate specific products and services through increased search engine classifications.

Don't let this marketing opportunity pass you by. Let DOMAINIA™ help you obtain a new name for your website that is memorable and professional. Visit the ‘DOMAINS’ section to get a clearer definition of the various types of domain names available.

The Internet is changing forever. Don’t wait. Don’t get left behind.
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