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With the Yellow Pages becoming a thing of the past, it is essential to market your business online in order to reach customers. Consumers have come to rely on the Internet to find products, services, and information. Having a .FOOD domain extension means your website is now instantly set apart from the average .COM or .NET business or blog. .FOOD provides the consumer with industry-specific information right off the bat, so they KNOW the information provided on your site is relevant to what they are searching for. Increased consumer confidence is priceless, but there are many benefits that come with choosing a .FOOD domain; including:

  • Instant identification as an active member and participant of the food industry.
  • Increased search engine optimization.
  • More relevant site traffic.
  • Higher conversion rates.
  • A more professional look.
  • A memorable, relevant domain name for an affordable price.
  • Increased networking and brand recognition.
  • Increased confidence from Internet advertisers, resulting in increased advertising revenue.

.COM and .NET are becoming a thing of the past. You won’t want to get left behind. Stay relevant. Be proactive. Secure your position in the market by pre-registering for your .FOOD domain name today.

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Your community loves you, supports you and has helped you achieve the success your business deserves. A .FOOD will bring the service they know and love in person online.

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Of course you have a business card and a phone number. Why not a .FOOD website? There's no better way to showcase your products or services.

For Your Business

Nothing says business like .FOOD.
With a .FOOD domain, your business will be easier to find and appear even more credible and professional, helping ensure that you're in it for the long run.