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In the past, search results simply connected keywords to websites. Today, in pursuit of an easier way to drill down, Google, Yahoo and Bing also connect keywords to social networks, user behavior and authors. Here are five ways this is playing out, and why it’s all great news for .FOOD website owners.

1. Industry Based Search

While search engine users are accustomed to getting objective results on search engine results pages (SERPs), Google now serves up “subjective” results as well. When logged into Google and with personalized .FOOD search turned on, you will see search results that include those based on .FOOD web browsing history, web content, related links, as well as content authored or endorsed by the FOOD industry connections.

Industry based search results will radically change what you see in regular searches and image searches in the very near future.

2. Food Social Networking

One factor that Search Engines consider in evaluating a .FOOD page of content is its social shares with Food related entities and Food enthusiasts. Google sees likes, +1s, tweets and other types of shares as indicators of content quality and trustworthiness. A blog post with 100 Food related tweets has more clearly established value than a comparable non .FOOD web page.

3. Search Engine Based Segmentation

In the old days, there weren’t too many ways to slice and dice search results. Today, there are scores. Tomorrow, there will be hundreds including a .FOOD one.

When results are lumped together in one big mass, it’s challenging for a small enterprise to stand out. However, with the new .FOOD Search Engine utility, your site will stand out in a particular segment, then you could capture a larger share of segmented searches.

The trend: Google, Yahoo! and Bing will continue to categorize content to help users drill down to search results that are precisely relevant to their Domainia, rather than broadly relevant to their keywords (as exists today with .COM, .NET, .ORG, etc.). In particular, .FOOD search options for images and video will become much more accurate, correct, and powerful.

Quick tip for creatives: Stay current on how Google segments content, and shape yours to stand out in segments that are natural homes for your work.

4. Emphasis on Quality and Qualification

For years, Search Engines have complained that “black hat” SEO tactics pollute rankings, pushing high-quality content down the page. However, as SE’s algorithm grows more sophisticated, it gets better at combating black-hat practices — more great news for content producers such as .FOOD.

In addition to the algorithmic measures, Google, Yahoo! and Bing will push hard in this direction, devising more accurate methods of evaluating the relevance, substance and trustworthiness of content such as .FOOD web content. Owning a .FOOD website will qualify your content in your industry and will rank your pages higher in any FOOD relevant searches.

A .FOOD domain name will ensure success in the online arena and make the SEO task clear and easy to perform since your are a qualified FOOD website!

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