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Who should register for a .FOOD Domain?
Anyone who is an active participant in the food industry can and should; Including...

Food Establishments
Pizza Shops
Food Kiosks
Food Courts
Health And Nutrition Specialists
Kitchen Services
Catering Services
Food Processors
Food Manufacturers
Food Markets
Coffee Shops
Organic Food Stores
Liquor Stores
Winery Services
Food Enthusiasts
Online Food Services
Food Bloggers

Marketing Strategy:

In order to achieve our goals and build name recognition, we will be implementing an extensive and far reaching marketing plan, focused on enhancing the value of the “.FOOD” brand name, while positioning “.FOOD” to become an industry “must –have” in assisting businesses to gain market share and exposure.

Within six years of the “.FOOD” launch, it is our goal to register 70%+ of all food-related companies with a minimum of one “.FOOD” TLD. This achievement would solidify our mission statement and serve to differentiate the internet in a much needed and effective way.

To do so the following marketing strategies will be put in place:

  1. Industry Trade Show participation: Including, but not limited to:
    1. International Foodservice Manufacturer Conference (Las Vegas)
    2. International Restaurant and Food Service Show (New York)
    3. Canadian Restaurant & Food Service Show (Toronto)
    4. The International Food & Drink Trade Show (London)
    5. Annual Restaurant Industry Conference (Los Angeles)
    6. National Restaurant Association Show (Chicago)
    7. Institute of Food Technologists (Las Vegas)
    8. International Fancy Food Show (Washington DC)
    9. Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators Conference (Dallas)
  2. Consistent presence in all food-related trade publications and sponsorship of well attended food-related events.
  3. “.FOOD’s” best advertising tool will be recognized through the world’s largest companies leading by example. Therefore, we intend to implement a highly focused/ targeted marketing blitz to the companies listed below, their advertising agencies, and public relations personnel in order to assist them in implementing and utilizing the .FOOD TLD. These companies include:
    Dole (the world’s largest producer of fruit and vegetables);
    PepsiCo (PepsiCo reaches far beyond the world of soft drinks and exceeds $44 billion in annual revenue. PepsiCo owns Frito-Lay, which produces an enormous variety of snack foods, including Ruffles, Lay’s, Tostitos and Fritos brands)

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