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Produce/Product Names

Food Products and Produce Names

Are you a manufacturer of food products? Are you a farmer growing or making produce? Are you in the food product distribution industry? Are you a food processing company?

Be first to register your produce or product under the .FOOD domain! Be the leader in your industry! Create a new opportunity for your business to promote, market and sell your food products and/or produce.

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Not sure if your products or produce need to have a .FOOD website? Find below a short list of new website addresses using the .FOOD domain extension along with the product or produce name. They are simply powerful, clear and will benefit your online venture greatly.

www.ham.food www.pork.food www.beef.food
www.bacon.food www.porkchops.food www.meat.food
www.sausage.food www.deli.food www.hotdogs.food
www.lettuce.food www.spinach.food www.broccoli.food
www.beans.food www.apples.food www.cauliflower.food
www.zuchini.food www.pears.food www.celery.food
www.artichoke.food www.bananas.food www.limes.food
www.asparagus.food www.radish.food www.lemon.food
www.peppers.food www.eggplant.food www.pomegranite.food
www.potatoes.food www.avocado.food www.blueberrys.food
www.onions.food www.watermelon.food www.strawberries.food
www.parsnips.food www.cantelope.food www.berries.food

Once you've submitted your pre-registration, we will monitor the availability of the .FOOD domain names and will let you know in advance when the actual registration is open for the public.

Note: If you hold a trademark on your food product(s), visit our Trademarks & Brands page to learn about how we can help you protect your mark/brand.

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