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Acorn Squash Rings With Cranberries And Apples

1eachsquash, acorn
1/4cupbutter 1/2 c cranberries
1/4cupsugar, brown packed
1/2cupapple, finely chopped
2teaspoonwater, cold


Cut un-peeled squash into 1/4 rings with sharp knife. Remove and
discard seeds. Place in shallow dish & set aside. In 4 cup measure
cook butter at High 30-45 seconds or till melted. Stir in cranberries
and brown sugar. Cook, uncovered plastic wrap at High 2-3 min or till
skins have popped, stirring once. Stir in apple; spoon in each ring.
Cover and cook at High 5-7 min or till tender. Drain juice with 1 cup
measure. Dissolve cornstarch in cold water, whisk into juices. Cook at
High 30-45 seconds till thickened. Pour over rings.